Mobility of International students

Information for exchange students (Erasmus+, etc.)

On this section you will find all the information that you may need to prepare your stay as a student of the University of Granada and more specifically for our Labour Relations and Human Resources Faculty.

For the latest information regarding our University and all services available for incoming Erasmus students, please visit the Vicerrectorado de Internacionalización.

More information about our University can be found in this information sheet.

Before Mobility

Learn about us:

Here you can see all the most important information and links of our Faculty of Labour Relations and Human Resources at a glance:  Fact sheet Labour relations Faculty


Study program:

You can find all the Available Courses (pdf) for our Labour Relations & Human Resources Degree.

Please do bear in mind that all the couses will be taught in Spanish, even though you may get some assistance in English just by asking the professor.

For further information on our courses, please visit: Labour Relations and Human Resources Degree

If you study law, you are eligible for taking some courses at the School of Law. Please follow this link for further information on the avilable courses.

If you study business you are eligible for taking some courses at the School of Economic and Business Sciences. Please follow this link for futher information on the available courses. 


Language Requirements:

At this time we are not requiring any language certificates from our incoming students.

Anyway, since our Faculty does not yet teach any courses in English or other languages, it is assumed that any student has a sufficient level of Spanish to follow their lessons and complete their study period successfully.


Academic Calendar year 2022-2023


Admission procedure for incoming students:

Nomination by your home university

The partner universities must nominate their students by sending an email to @email.

Nomination deadline:

- First Semester (Winter) or Full year (Winter+summer): before April 30th.

- Second Semester (summer): before October 31st.

Online Application:

Application deadline:

- First Semester (Winter) or Full year (Winter+summer): from April 1st to May 15th

- Second Semester (summer): October 1st - to October 31st


Instructions for the Online Application:

Link to Application online:


Learning agreement:

Before your arrival in Granada, you must send your Initial Learning Agreement, signed by your home coordinator, to in order to be signed by Professor Ismael Sánchez Borrego, Vice-Dean of Internationalization of the Faculty.

You should fill in your LA by using your home university template.

At the UGR there is no minimum amount of credits to register for, but ask to your coordinator in your home University. If you are an exchange student for only one semester, you are allowed to do 30 ETCS and you can only select courses from that semester. All the registered courses will appear in the final transcript of records sent to each home university at the end of your stay.

You can prepare your learning agreement and choose your courses consulting our Study program and the Examination dates are available here


During Mobility

Registration and enrolment  (matrícula)

Once your learning agreement is signed by both coordinators (hosting and sending institutions) we will register you in the courses approved. The groups will be asigned by your coordinator in Granada but you can make some changes after you arrive to our University.

With your PIN (password obteined once enrolled) you need to create an UGR e-mail account to get to PRADO, our teaching platform, and be in contact with professors (to get Wi-Fi access as well).

Once enrolled, check through Oficina Virtual the courses and groups effectively registered (Consulta de expediente).

Be aware that you have to assist to classes since the first day, even though you may not be registered yet. If you miss the first day of  class, when the professor explains the evaluation method and some other important things, ask your classmates. You have to obtain information about the requirements for each course (program, works, exams, percentage of each item in the final mark,…). Information about schedules, exams, syllabus (GUIA DOCENTE) of each course is available on the website of each department.


Changing your Learning Agreement (Modificaciones del Acuerdo)

When doing any change on the Learning Agreement you need to ask us to modify your Enrolment/registering and then check through OFICINA VIRTUAL that the courses you are registered in are the same included in your Learning Agreement.

Filling a “changes to Learning Agreement” doesn’t mean the registering is done automatically; you need to ask us to make the changes.

 PRADO is different from CONSULTA EXPEDIENTE (Oficina Virtual) These are two platforms which do not always show the same information. The valid courses you would be registered in are the ones shown in your student record (expediente at the Oficina Virtual).


After Mobility

How to get your Transcript of records (video tutorial on how to download your transcript of records)


 Arrival/Departure Certificate.

Come to the Faculty administrative office with your Attendance Certificate (Arrival/Departure Certificate) to be signed and stamped with your start and departure dates. You can send it before coming to @email.


Vice-Rector's Office for Internationalization

For the latest information regarding our University and all services available for incoming Erasmus students, please visit the Vicerrectorado de Internacionalización.


Spanish for Foreigners

If you are interested in taking Spanish courses, please visit Centro de Lenguas Modernas (UGR Modern Language Centre) for more information.

Exchange students visiting the University of Granada under the Erasmus+ programme can attend one of the Spanish-language courses for Erasmus students (60 hours) organized by the University each year, providing they meet the requirements established each year.

There is a wide offer of basic and advanced Spanish courses. Additionally, there are also intensive language courses in the summer.

Other Important information


How to create an UGR email account:

You will need to create an UGR e-mail address to Access to PRADO (teaching platform), and to access to UGR WI-FI system.

Follow this steps:

You will get a password (PIN) when enrolling at our Faculty / School, once you have been admited.

Visit “Acceso Identificado” UGR:

Enter your Passport /ID No in the ‘DNI’ box (the one that is on your international student card) and the 4 digit password in the other box (PIN).

You will see different options and you have to choose the option: Correo Electrónico (e-mail).

You have to create your own e-mail address and choose a password. This new e-mail and the new password are the username and password you need to access the UGR Wi-Fi system and PRADO.



Is the official platform for regulated teaching at the UGR. It houses the teaching spaces for the different official degrees.

To access PRADO, visit

Choose UNDERGRADUATE and click on the corresponding link. The browser takes you to the authentication page. You must enter your UGR email username and password.


How to create an account in go.ugr. 

How to get your student card (TUI)              

How to get your “Credibus” (student bus card)

How to get your UGR e-mail in your Smartphone

How to use the UGRVPN

How to set up eduroam on your mobile phone and laptop:

How to make an appointment  in secretary’s office:


UGR services:

Mentor program:

Special needs:

Students information centre:


ESN GRANADA (International Exchange Erasmus Student Network)


UGR catering services:


Contact us

For further information, help or advice, please contact:

International Relations Office

Facultad de Relaciones Laborales y Recursos Humanos - Universidad de Granada

Calle Rector López Argüeta, S/N

E-18071 Granada


(+34) 958 24 12 97 / (+34) 958 24 88 62

Fax: (+34) 958 24 43 97



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General information for Incoming students to University of Granada: 

Please visit the Internationalization Vicerrectorate web: