This is the service unit in charge of the opening and closing of the building, the care of the equipment, mail/communications, classrooms access, etc.

Other tasks related to students are the processing of registration forms, certificates or any other request.

Reception staff
Name/Service post E-mail / Phone number
Reception General information 958244394
Reception 1st floor ----- 958240898
Reception 2nd floor ----- 958240899
Miguel F. Martinez Pérez Team manager (afternoon) @email
Luz Madrid Fernández Team manager  morning) @email
Antonio González Delgado Audiovisual media technician (morning) @email
Juan Ginés García López Audiovisual media technician (afternoon) @email
Encarnación Evangelista Martín Assistant caretaker (afternoon) @email
Francisca González Márquez Assistant caretaker (morning) @email
Encarni Megías Molina Assistant caretaker (morning) @email
Alicia Morales Ortiz Assistant caretaker (morning) @email
Elvira Pérez Rodríguez Assistant caretaker (afternoon) @email
Manuel Román Costela Assistant caretaker (morning) @email